To engage, enable, empower and emancipate man, woman, youth and child through individual and communal development in the spirit of selfless service to mankind.

Broad Aims.

  • Empower servant leaders as agents of change for their people.
  • Promote cooperative human networks locally and globally
  • Create opportunity for youth, young adults and the youthfully minded to serve others.

What We Do.

WIN is a network of volunteers and activists who had been working in the Thai-Burma and Africa region before WIN’s formal founding in 2006. Our shared interest is in helping oppressed ethnic communities and their leaders.

Using an all-volunteer force, we work on a mission-to-mission basis seeded on the needs of the local people. Our volunteers lend a broad range of expertise that meets human need. Activities generally range from providing training, equipment, supplies, advisory assistance, facilitating workshops, providing technical support, as well as promoting ethnic rights to governments, business, media and local communities in America.


  • Invest in leaders who have earned the trust of their people
  • Incentivize cooperation among conflicting factions
  • Invigorate networks to focus in common cause on critical needs
  • Inspire youth leadership to make a difference for their people
  • Invisibly complement and supplement what others are doing
  • Innovate and lead wherever the need is greatest


  • Sustain trusted relationships with local leaders
  • Combine resources from diverse sources to invest at community level
  • Provide a continuum of training, equipment and advisory services
  • Promote cooperation among aid organizations, donors and private enterprise
  • Integrate the strengths of diverse partners for the good of all

Volunteers’ & Advisors’ Profile

  • Human Rights Investigations
  • International Business
  • Student Activism
  • Community Development
  • Emergency Response
  • Journalism
  • Vocational Skills
  • IT Expertise
  • High School
  • Government employees
  • US Congressional Staff
  • Ethnic communities
  • Ethnic organizations
  • Small businesses
  • Hollywood
  • Documentary Films
  • Performing Arts
  • Tele-communications
  • Education