Ethnics’ Voices

Ethnic perspectives are not being much heard in the face of a well-funded Burmese Marketing and Lobbying Campaign. WIN has pursued a number of initiatives to help ethnics have better voice in America and the international community.

This has involved running workshops on how to compete in the on-going war of messages vying for America’s attention as it finalizes its Burma Policy. WIN has supported several U.S. Congressional delegations and waged an information campaign to inform American public and private sector leaders. Support to ethnics has included website and other social media training and supporting services.

This ongoing effort has also included writing OPEDs and articles that support ethnics’ rights and viewpoints.

Key Points

  • Information strategy development
  • Planning workshops
  • Training workshops
  • Key leader engagement (politicians, businessmen
  • Media engagement
  • Technical support

Article List as Author or Co-author

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