War Orphans

For over 60 years, ethnic Karen and other ethnic farming communities in Eastern Burma have been under attack by the Burmese Army. This is because these jungle mountain lands are rich in gold, precious gems, hydro power and other sources of income.  As a result, over 3,600 villages have been burned to the ground by the Burmese Army.  Over 400,000 villagers have been displaced and over 800,000 forced laborers have been used for the profit of the Burmese government, military and business leaders.

As a direct result of this aggression war orphans have been created. The Karen do not believe in offering these children up for adoption and so they take care of their own as they are able. Of all “the oppressed,” these are the most defenseless. Worldwide Impact Now works in collaboration with Karen civil society and health care leaders to modestly support these orphans’ needs based on donor support.

Key Points

  • Helped build an orphanage in collaboration with friends in 2008
  • Support food, clothing and hygiene
  • Support educational needs
  • Support orphanage caretakers and teachers
  • Support overhead operating costs
  • Share costs with other friends
  • Find new supporters to join this effort