Ngochoni Petals of Africa School brings together the tribes of Luo and Kuria and welcomes all.

These tribes fought with hatred as recently as the 1980’s, often killing each other’s cattle or burning down each other’s houses. Now members of each tribe work together in different positions at the school.

School Campus:

Nursery – Grade 8

Day & Boarding Students

Student Enrollment:  Over 200 students and orphans
National Language:  Kiswahili
Secondary Language:  English
Local Language:  Tribal

Worldwide Impact Now

Since 2010, WIN has handed over its supporting role of Petals to another non-profit organization and has been coordinating donor support to help the orphans and poorest graduates of Petals proceed to high schools in the region.

Key Points

  • WIN works with a board of inter-tribal community leaders
  • Presently supporting 36 graduates now attending high schools
  • Kenyan Government sponsors high school graduates with an A to B average to attend university