How to Help

Conduct Research

Find credible sources of expertise on Burma.

  • Read any article by author Bertil Lintner, foremost Western Authority on Ethnics of Burma.
  • Human Rights Watch  |  Plus writings by founder Roland Watson.
  • Free Burma Rangers  |  Look at their grassroots reports.
  • The Border Consortium  |  Look at Resources and Map Room. Pay attention to the years 2004-2012.  This provides insight on Ground Truth.
  • Burma Link  |  Look at their extensive references and links.

Write American Corporations

Write to those doing business with Burma and ask them what their position is on working with the present Myanmar Government.

  • Ask them if they have a “First, Do no Harm” Policy regarding impacts on ethnic minorities.
  • Do they empower local ethnic communities?

Write your U.S. Senate and Congressional Leaders

  • Question U.S.  intentions to work with the Myanmar Government.
  • Ask about U.S. Policy on cross-border assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs).
  • Ask about U.S. Policy on support to ethnic pro-democracy movements inside Burma.
  • Ask WIN to make a presentation on Burma to interested groups in your community.

How to Donate

There are multiple ways in which you can donate.

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  2. Mail a check to:
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  3. Donate by Wire by contacting us at:
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