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Ethnic minorities of Burma under decades-long oppression remain at high risk today. They are “in they way of progress” in the eyes of the central Burman government’s and international globalization’s interests. The simple truth is that these diverse peoples, who were the original inhabitants of Burma starting over 2,700-years ago, are sitting on top of ancestral lands rich in natural resources and hydro-power. For this they have been under constant siege.

What is the best way to empower these oppressed? Worldwide Impact Now (WIN) focuses on empowering proven leaders, grassroots communities and youth activists who are trying to protect their identity, way of life and homelands. This is about investing in agents of change who have little hope and few champions.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

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Winds of Change Video

Freedom in our land depends on freedom in other lands. Many ethnic minorities of Burma were faithful American-British allies during World War II and have defended democratic principles and basic human rights ever since. They struggle on today in pursuit of Liberty. If those who share democratic values are not helped, then who else is it that should be championed today? The Winds of Change provide compelling questions to be considered by those who value Freedom. Opportunity is at hand today in Burma.