“Burma Matters”

WIN promotes a states’ rights, balance-of-power solution in Burma after more than seven decades of conflict between autocratic Burman elites-in-power and non-Burman ethnics who are essentially states’ rights proponents.

Progress can come from jointly pursuing “shared prosperity,” because of Burma’s super-abundance of human and natural resource wealth.

Continuing conflict will otherwise permit outside threats to exploit Burma at will.  Then both Burman power elites and their ethnic competitors will become The Losers. 

The issue to be faced is Burma’s Dark Ages economic model that relies on a Climate of Fear targeting ethnic peoples atop much of Burma’s massive natural resources.

Burma is a promising free-market democracy, but is not moving in that direction.  Opportunity for Burma to be SE Asia’s Economic Tiger is at hand.  WIN advocates U.S.-led conflict resolution, to this end.

Vietnam: “Get it finally done!”

WIN supports pro-democracy reform based on the reality that the majority of Vietnam has been trending toward democratic free-market solutions.   The communist autocracy abandoned the revolution long ago and betrayed the Vietnamese people by becoming unassailable elites dominating a nation of 95 million.

The reality today is that from the top to the bottom of society, the majority of Vietnamese are anti-communist nationalists seeking fairness and quality of life.  Free-market democracy is the only way forward for a people and a nation that must balance between East and West on their own terms.  This is a matter of adapting a model that serves national resilience in the delicate balance between China and United States of America.

Old Guard elites-in-power (clinging to power), have adopted free market methods in order to give Vietnam the only chance it has to succeed in the globalized marketplace.  This basically concedes that the Vietnam War’s premise was fundamentally correct.  Communism was wrong.  It failed.  “Win the Vietnam War and Peace at long last.”  WIN promotes conflict resolution to this end.