Community Development

Since 2004 WIN has pursued a number of grassroots development initiatives in Karen State. This has ranged from building training centers, funding teachers, teaching passive civil defense measures to protect villages and internally displaced persons, providing computers and modern communications systems, running community-level workshops, developing concepts for economic development and promoting environmental protection, as well as agricultural self-reliance.

At present the most important thing is to help communities in Northern Karen State to protect the last remaining wilderness sanctuary that is home to the Karen’s surviving 2,700 year-old civilization. This means environmental protection and agricultural self-reliance are the priorities, as well as promoting young adult leader development.

Key Points

  • Provide leader development training
  • Provide special skills training
  • Support agricultural development
  • Support community capacity building
  • Support economic development per the will of the people
  • Support environmental protection
  • Support endangered animal species