Blinded Landmine Victims

The Burmese Army’s practice of mining Karen farmer’s fields has produced many casualties. Men, women and children alike have been killed and maimed for life. Among these are blinded landmine amputees, many of which were once farmers who tried to return to farm their lands.

Since 2008, Worldwide Impact Now has focused on an initiative supporting blinded landmine amputees in sanctuary on the Thai-Burma border. This was started as the inspiration of a young high school volunteer, Melody, who visited these young men while learning of the plight of ethnic refugees. She asked us to set up a program, and this has been running ever since.

The Care Villa, as it is called, is home to over 20 victims ranging from their teens into adulthood. Their greatest joy is to sing.

We call them “The Brave Young Men.”

Key Points

  • Rebuilt the dormitory from the ground up
  • Installed a water well and pumping system
  • Installed a tin roof for the monsoon rains
  • Provided electric fans for the hot season
  • Support food needs
  • Provide hygiene supplies
  • Provide musical instruments
  • Help support overhead operating costs
  • Help victims transitioning back to their communities eave the refugee cam