Human Rights

Human rights violations against ethnic Karen villagers have been some of the worst in the world. Burmese regimes have one of the darkest human rights records. The present Mynamar Government attempts to conceal from international attention what its army past and present has done to villagers. Now this government confiscates villagers’ lands and uses international aid to keep villagers marginalized in the name of Central Government “Progress.” Oppression continues by many means.

These so-called  “hill tribes” were faithful allies to American and British forces during World War II. Many have been the front-line defenders of Democracy ever since. Burmese Authorities are still at the same old game, because they need to control ethnics’ lands rich in natural resource wealth.

Oppressed ethnics of Burma remain ever in hope of Americans as champions to their cause.

Key Points

  • Provide critical equipment to video and photograph abuses
  • Provide communications systems to support human rights reporting
  • Train ethnic youth on camera and computer skills
  • Promote documentary film production on human rights abuses
  • Support documenting facts in order to prosecute the guilty