Health Care

Ethnic villages have been under attack by the Burmese since World War II. In response to this, the Karen have established a network of clinics and mobile medical teams to meet the health care needs of villagers in some of the deepest jungle mountains in the world.  Medics and health care providers are trained by volunteer Western doctors, nurses and physicians assistants, who support Karen and other ethnic groups health services.

Volunteer Karen medics have risked their lives daily operating in Eastern Burma’s conflict zone in an attempt to take care of their people. These brave volunteers are operating on the edge of survival on a daily basis. Malaria, malnutrition, landmine trauma, gunshot wounds and tropical diseases have taken a toll here.

“They do it anyway.”

Key Points

  • Fund medic and health care worker training
  • Provide critical equipment for clinics and mobile medical teams
  • Equip volunteer medics to operate in conflict zones
  • Fund digital camera needs
  • Provide stipends for volunteer medics
  • Support emergency medical supplies for large-scale refugee flows